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Digital Marketing

Marketing Services

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Multichannel Marketing

  • Traditional
    • Print 
    • Networking
    • Conventions/Trade shows
  • Public Relations

Digital Marketing

  • Strategy and Tactics
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Conversion Funnels Analysis
    • KPIs

Search Engine Marketing

  • SEO-Organic and PPC, *****Google Adwords Certified*****Bing Ads Accredited Professional*****
  • Inbound Marketing,******Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified******
  • Affiliate Outreach, Link Building strategies.

Content Strategy through Distribution

  • Content Creation
    • Curration,
    • Infographics
    • Video-Vlog
    • Email marketing, newsletters
    • Blog posts
  • Social Media
    • Community Engagement


  • Analytics, *****Google Analytics IQ Certified******
  • A/B, Multi-Variate Testing

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