4 Steps to Better Meatballs

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4 Steps to Better Meatballs

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4 Steps to Better Meatballs!

Keep these simple rules in mind and you are on your way!

Keep it moist-use milk, cheese or veggies to keep your balls moist.

Pack in the flavor-Keep ingredients fresh and flavorful.

Surprise me-Add secret ingredients. Change it up sometimes. You can add different spices to take the balls in many directions: sweet, sour, or savory. Try different, types of ground meat or meat alternatives. It isn’t all about the beef you know!

Do not over-cook! If you overcook the meat, then you won’t be able to achieve rule number one, keeping it moist.

How do I keep from overcooking my balls you ask? Let’s review: utilize fresh, flavorful ingredients, including milk and/or cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs for a plump, airy ball.

Go long and be sure to cook those balls through. However, don’t overdo it! These balls do not need to be crisp on the outside, unlike the edges of a finely cooked burger.

You can mix it up, as suggested in surprise me. Here are a few of my standard ingredients for the better ball.  Top Grade beef, with a little fat, not too much, not too lean. Milk, shredded Italian cheeses, fresh, pressed garlic, very, finely ground breadcrumbs, fresh, finely chopped basil, pepper, salt, splash of worcestershire sauce, a beaten egg. Then mix and form balls by hand.

Balls can be formed in many, different, sizes, depending on personal taste. Be sure to make them uniform in size, so they cook through for the same amount of time.

The next pertinent question is: to dress or not to dress? Your balls may be the main dish, an appetizer, or part of a pasta dinner. Depending on the answer to this, you may dress them with marinara, a creamy alfredo, BBQ, or teriyaki sauce. You decide; similar to burgers, balls are very versatile and a fit for many an occasion ranging from casual to gourmet.

“Pardon me, but could you pass the balls?” Just like the Grey Poupon commercial, your balls will be in high demand. Speaking of, mustard is another great ingredient to add into the mix or spread on top!

Now, you are well on your way to mouthwatering, pleasing balls every time!


******Why is this post on a marketing website you ask? Well, first, as an example of our content creation. Second, to show how voice and tone of passage can influence the message you are trying to send. And third, the content may seem completely off-topic, but if it catches their attention and keeps the reader engaged you have the opportunity to take the audience where you want them to go. Maybe this entire post was leading up selling Grey Poupon? So, this is one way to put in product placement without feeling sold to. ******************

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