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Happy Clients

Gallery of Clients

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Search Ranking Factors [Infographic]

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I ran across this informative infographic by SEOBook describing the elements of Search and how your queries make their way through a search engine like Google resulting in a SERP-Search Engine Results Page.

Google is ever-evolving,  creating algorithms with the best interests of the User in mind. It is true! They want you to find the closest match to what you are looking for in the least amount of time and enjoy your experience. Google Cares! Take a look at How Search Works in 2016 and you will see the User is at the forethought of their methods.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Online Marketing Graphic by SEO Book

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The Best Uber Story EVER!

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I recently went to visit a potential client in Dallas and utilized Uber to take me from their office to DFW. I had a very interesting ride indeed!


Munther, my legally blind and partially deaf Uber driver.

I should have cued in earlier that this would be no ordinary Uber ride. I ordered my ride to the DFW airport using my phone as my hosts walked me outside to wait. Gosh, he should be here by now; the navigation on my phone showing a little car circling around and around repeatedly missing my location.

My hosts growing concerned asked “What kind of car is it?” “I think I see him. There he goes, there he goes again!” I thought my phone must be wrong, this this little car making circles on my screen couldn’t be my ride. I told the others not to wait for me, go ahead back to work. Their brows furrowed, they reluctantly said “Ok, but please call us so we know you got to the airport.” “Oh, I will be fine” I said with false confidence.

Then, the red car arrived and there was Munther, a little old man with 2 inch thick coke bottle glasses and a very strong accent. The ride started with him forgetting he had to put the car in park to unlock the passenger door. Hmm, maybe I do have cause for concern? No, look at this cute, furry old man whose first words were that he spoke no English, what could go wrong? So I got in the car…

The drive started out ok. Munther missed one exit during the first half, but quickly compensated. There was a bit of traffic, which Munther aptly avoided by taking side roads. I must say at that point I was thinking he is not so bad.

Apparently, I thought too soon, because the closer we got to the airport, the more misturns he took. We circled airport service road at last count four times, the GPS leading us astray. Finally, Munther had the solution and followed a back road around the airport. Seeing the terminals in view, I started to feel confident, my prayers answered, then Munther pulled into the service terminal to drop me off.

“Um Muth, this is not the right place, see the terminals are there” I said pointing a shaking finger. Munther reluctantly started the car. At which point the GPS completely shut off; we were going on gut alone. This led to Munther missing the on ramp to the terminals by about 400 feet. His response was to pull the car over, think for a moment, then proceeded to reverse the car through 3 lanes of on-coming traffic back to the on ramp telling me all the while, as cars are rushing at us, “I am doing this for you!” “Argh, what is all of America coming” he muttered as cars darted around us.  I actually admired his courage. It was a driving move I may have attempted in my youth. I commend his tenacity, and willingness to sacrifice the health of his car and human cargo to save 10 minutes circling back around.

The signs read Terminal A ahead, I breathe a sigh of relief. Munther just follow the signs. At this point I took control of the navigating as Munther continued to have a few near-miss excursions into parking. “But it says parking” said Munther. As I am yelling “NO” straight ahead to Terminal A, Munther tells me how he spent 30 minutes stuck in the parking garage just yesterday.

My heart starts beating faster, I may never see my children again. Straight onto A Munther. There it is! I am gate A13, down there. Munther pulls to the curb and speaks in broken English, “This is A, trip ended!” Ah Muthy, so your gonna be that way huh?

I got out, never so glad to have my foot touch the ground and I hoofed it down to to A20, breezed through security, found gate A13 with 1/2 an hour to spare and a fantastic story to tell!

What do you think does Munther deserves a bad report or 5 stars? Is he the hero or the hazard?

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Exceptional Leadership

The 4 Gs of Exceptional Leadership

This post first aired on One of the Top Leadership Blogs, Switch & Shift, also, one of my clients and fared very well. I hope you will enjoy it as much as their community did.

I recently started working here at Switch & Shift, and I find myself surrounded by a League of Extraordinary Thinkers and speakers on change leadership, rebellious thought, and Career Wealth. I challenge myself to “Awaken the Leader in Me”, inspired by the leadership book by Mitesh Khatri.

I know many other people must be in the same boat as me if the topic warranted a book to be written. Working closely with the posts on Switch & Shift, I can’t help but be influenced by the words and thoughts of our great social leaders.

It has forced me to ask myself: ”What does it take to be an outstanding leader? And what characteristics in particular do I think I possess, and what do I need to work on?”

Qualities of a Remarkable Leader

1. Grit

I recently ran across two posts about Grit; one here on Switch & Shift  –The Modern Abuse of Grit – and another on INC. – The 7 Habits of People with Remarkable Mental Toughness – by Jeff Haden.

I am intrigued by the concept of grit. It is a seldom used word, but a quality many leaders, past and present, have in spades. In my mind, grit equates to fortitude, resilience, and gumption (ah, another G!) and the ability to take risks and recover from them if need be; the ability to get back on your feet no matter what you’re fighting.

2. Grace

Grit is not the only quality of a remarkable leader. Grace, in some ways the opposite of how we picture grit, is also a quality of remarkable leaders. Grace seems feminine and delicate in the face of grit. Grit conjures up images of Clint Eastwood in his Mexican poncho, chewing on a cigarillo in the classic film, The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

In stark contrast to grit, grace makes one think of an angel. Grace is not only fluid movements in body, but in mind. Knowing what to say, and when, is an essential trait of a leader. Grace is sure-footedness in mind and spirit, confidence without cockiness. An ability to see the whole picture without prejudice. It is fair-mindedness, coupled with an open mind and an open heart. Can you think of a better quality for today’s leaders?

3. Growth

Growth is a most necessary component of phenomenal leadership. No one was born being a leader. I agree that some children, even as babies, seem to exhibit initial leadership qualities. And there are individuals who inherently possess an uncanny ability to get people to listen, admire and follow them. Not every great leader was born this way however. The best leaders experience tremendous growth throughout their lives, personally and in their careers. In turn, these leaders know through their own growth, how important it is to give their employees or followers the opportunity to evolve and strive to reach their potential as well.  

4. Gratitude

Gratitude rounds out my 4 G’s of Exceptional Leadership. If you have grit, you earned it through working hard to achieve your goals despite life’s obstacles. Along the way, you differentiate yourself from others by developing grace; an ability to know what to do and say with kindness and clarity. These characteristics are acquired through personal and professional growth. And if you have traveled this road you most likely have much gratitude for where you are and the path that brought you here.

Great leaders show this gratitude in many ways; through mentoring and giving back. Thought leaders share their wisdom and act as mentors to those who find knowledge and comfort in their words and actions. Highly successful innovators are aware that they got some lucky breaks along the way and, in fact, they alone are not responsible for their prosperity. Further, they acknowledge that being on top today does not define you, nor does it mean you will stay there. Be thankful for the moment and all the small steps that got you there along the way.

In assessing my own leadership path, I give myself high marks in two of the four Gs, with an average on a third and low on the fourth. Which Gs you ask? Well, I’m not telling; we are all a work in progress and my goal is to improve every day. Some days the change seems incremental, while on others noticeable strides are made.

We all get where we are going in our own way and in our own time. I hope to see you on the road!

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Online Marketing Strategy Backbone

I was recently asked this question and I thought it would be useful information to share.

What strategy do you employ when creating online marketing campaigns?

I would start by asking questions to establish business objectives and develop an overall understanding of the company mission and vision, in order to maintain transparency throughout the campaign.

Who is your targeted customer segment?

  • What do they “look” like?
  • Flesh out a well-defined target and contextual understanding of them i.e.: what resonates and creates value?

Conduct research including competitive analysis to hone in on the desired market, developing tactics and determining appropriate marketing channels to effectively reach them.

Conduct a SWOT analysis.

  •  Where does the organization sit currently?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • What is working well?
  • What are some advantages to capitalize on?

Discuss the company “adjectives” or keywords, which will be used throughout content creation including Google Adwords and social promotions.

Next, put it all into alignment.

  •  Establish Goals, Tactics, KPIs and Target KPIs.

Measure, Test, Analyze, Refine and Implement.

Revisit, gather further data and continue refinements.


online marketing backbone

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Website Analysis

At a Glance, Website Analysis

Here is the breakdown of a recent website analysis I gave to a client. I thought I would share it as it may hold valuable tips for your business site.

Keep your website clean, simple and uncomplicated, but interesting and engaging. 

You want your visitors to be able to navigate the website easily. Keep it uncluttered, generally a black font is more preferred than white or colored and easier to read. Do put links in a different colorthat changes when they have been opened. Make sure the font is a large enough size for all ages to gaze on comfortably.

Have a prominently placed call to action such as the ability to request an appointment. What is your end game, the conversion rate to watch? How many visitors landed and created valuable exits through this link?

You may want to embed the free Google Analytics code to track analytics on your site to gain insights into number of visitors, return visitors, landing page origin and conversion rate, then make adjustments accordingly.

I have to emphasize that a picture is worth a thousand words. I would highly suggest that you add tagged images and put your smiling face under contact us. It lends credibility, authenticity and trust. New customers will be able to recognize you.

Additionally, I can’t say enough about the need to connect with visitors and clients on social media sites. It is rare to find a site without connection links to their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

In order to make a LinkedIn business page you need a non-gmail or yahoo email address, but is well worth the added step to gain credibility, networking and branding.

Put a link to reviews on local business promotion platforms like Yelp and City Search.

Other ways to improve your organic search rankings are to create links back to your site. You do this by incorporating social media andposting content, images, video etc. that link back to your site.

I highly encourage affiliate marketing. Perhaps, there are industry newsletters that go out you want to have an ad on or write up a short article or two and post it on a related website to draw traffic? Are there businesses related to yours that will recommend you or put your information on their site? Pet sitter advertising on a veterinarian’s website, something along those lines.

SEO requires keywords or unique phrases 2-3 words to edge out the competition then embed them throughout the site pages and posted content to get that element working for you. Again, more content is always going to help. Keep content 300-500 words, brief, bulleted and bold keywords and concepts for a fast, easy read.

Most people are accessing sites via mobile devices, so make sure your site is responsive and translates well.

People also tend to scan content in less than a minute with an F shape pattern, so put the contact information in a prominent area.

Tactics and Strategy!

Contact us for your free website analysis

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