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Marketing Tactics Overview

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Personas and Journey B2B & B2C

  • Developing buyer personas and mapping their journey can be done through marketing automation tools like Marketo and HubSpot.
  • We do know that the client at this time is a huge segment of the population, male and female teenager thru seniors; middle thru upper-class; working, student or stay at home mom. The net to cast is large and inclusive. You cannot catch the wrong fish at this juncture. Name of the game is to build awareness, reach people, and become recognized.
  • Service Professionals are also a wide demographic. Do they work in a salon, or are they mobile? There are a few intricacies to note, but again, wide net. Drive the belief that they need to be in ServPal’s directory to be a who’s who of elite, best of the best, exclusive service pros.


  • Website-content, landing pages with call to action, join our network of professionals or use our network of professionals.
  • Content-inbound: email, newsletter ,blog posts, social media, white papers, case studies
  • Social Media-content distributed from site across platforms. Groups on IN and TW, FB
  • Paid advertising PPC and Social sites
  • App Creation-for convenience and data collection of captured audience.
  • Affiliations-leverage each other’s networks and followers to grow links.
  • Promotional-Groupon, Living Social, Local-City Search, Yelp etc.

Types of Content, Scheduling, Formatting

  • Co-schedule is great for scheduling posts on websites and any content you want on a calendar to go out on the site.
  • Types of content: Blog posts, Videos, Q & A, engaginars, downloadable white pages advertised through social and PPC, testimonials, case studies and Press releases. (inbound marketing-drip.)
  • Images of events at the individual service professional and salon level.
  • Edit videos into appropriate snippets-1-2 min FB, 15 sec. Twitter.
  • Informative and fun style groups and business growth advice on FB, Twitter Q&A # groups.
  • Implement Yoast SEO plugin on your site to guide you through on-page SEO for content posts.
  • YouTube has tags and titles attached to videos.

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Rise of Digital Marketing

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