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The Best Uber Story EVER!

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I recently went to visit a potential client in Dallas and utilized Uber to take me from their office to DFW. I had a very interesting ride indeed!


Munther, my legally blind and partially deaf Uber driver.

I should have cued in earlier that this would be no ordinary Uber ride. I ordered my ride to the DFW airport using my phone as my hosts walked me outside to wait. Gosh, he should be here by now; the navigation on my phone showing a little car circling around and around repeatedly missing my location.

My hosts growing concerned asked “What kind of car is it?” “I think I see him. There he goes, there he goes again!” I thought my phone must be wrong, this this little car making circles on my screen couldn’t be my ride. I told the others not to wait for me, go ahead back to work. Their brows furrowed, they reluctantly said “Ok, but please call us so we know you got to the airport.” “Oh, I will be fine” I said with false confidence.

Then, the red car arrived and there was Munther, a little old man with 2 inch thick coke bottle glasses and a very strong accent. The ride started with him forgetting he had to put the car in park to unlock the passenger door. Hmm, maybe I do have cause for concern? No, look at this cute, furry old man whose first words were that he spoke no English, what could go wrong? So I got in the car…

The drive started out ok. Munther missed one exit during the first half, but quickly compensated. There was a bit of traffic, which Munther aptly avoided by taking side roads. I must say at that point I was thinking he is not so bad.

Apparently, I thought too soon, because the closer we got to the airport, the more misturns he took. We circled airport service road at last count four times, the GPS leading us astray. Finally, Munther had the solution and followed a back road around the airport. Seeing the terminals in view, I started to feel confident, my prayers answered, then Munther pulled into the service terminal to drop me off.

“Um Muth, this is not the right place, see the terminals are there” I said pointing a shaking finger. Munther reluctantly started the car. At which point the GPS completely shut off; we were going on gut alone. This led to Munther missing the on ramp to the terminals by about 400 feet. His response was to pull the car over, think for a moment, then proceeded to reverse the car through 3 lanes of on-coming traffic back to the on ramp telling me all the while, as cars are rushing at us, “I am doing this for you!” “Argh, what is all of America coming” he muttered as cars darted around us.  I actually admired his courage. It was a driving move I may have attempted in my youth. I commend his tenacity, and willingness to sacrifice the health of his car and human cargo to save 10 minutes circling back around.

The signs read Terminal A ahead, I breathe a sigh of relief. Munther just follow the signs. At this point I took control of the navigating as Munther continued to have a few near-miss excursions into parking. “But it says parking” said Munther. As I am yelling “NO” straight ahead to Terminal A, Munther tells me how he spent 30 minutes stuck in the parking garage just yesterday.

My heart starts beating faster, I may never see my children again. Straight onto A Munther. There it is! I am gate A13, down there. Munther pulls to the curb and speaks in broken English, “This is A, trip ended!” Ah Muthy, so your gonna be that way huh?

I got out, never so glad to have my foot touch the ground and I hoofed it down to to A20, breezed through security, found gate A13 with 1/2 an hour to spare and a fantastic story to tell!

What do you think does Munther deserves a bad report or 5 stars? Is he the hero or the hazard?

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