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Customer Delight-The Final Stage of Inbound Marketing

b&bThere was a contest recently, where you could win a bed and breakfast in exchange for writing the winning short essay. I think it illustrates the absolute importance of Customer Delight, the final stage of Inbound Marketing very well.

Why would someone want to take on the owning, upkeep and running of a “Country Inn”?

Aside from the obvious storybook charm, it is extremely hard work making people feel at home when they are in fact away from home. Within that statement, rests the answer. Offering an experience that delights every sense:

Sight: visually appealing surroundings, sunlight streaming through every window as you squint your eyes from the light, pulling the white covers over your face for just one minute more of cozy time in bed.

Smell: the aromatic scent of bountiful flowers lining the front walk tickling your nose and welcoming you inside. Waking to the smell of croissants baked fresh from the oven

Sound: The sound of chirping birds in the morning, the laughter of patrons chatting by the fire, the crinkle of the newspaper as the pages are turned.

Taste:  The taste of a simple meal done to perfection, each ingredient teasing your taste buds, leaving you begging for more.

Touch: The touch of crisp linens, soft couches, down pillows and fluffy feather beds, the caress of velvet chairs.

Every sense is heightened, your mind, body and soul understand that you are indeed somewhere special, you are home. And that is what will keep them coming back for more. The ability to “delight” your customer, anticipate their needs and make them feel pampered is not a desire many people have, but for those that do, there is great satisfaction, purpose and vision in the ability to deliver the ultimate relaxing get away.

Customer Delight, is the fourth stage of inbound marketing and if you can get that right, you will have loyal clients, who evangelize your business, telling all they know about the extraordinary experience they had. This is the key to running a successful business, and yes it is a business, and I believe it should be personal. It is to the business owner, those that are representing it and those that patronize and value the product and service. It is you on that store door, website or logo, make it extraordinary!


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