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Online Marketing Strategy Backbone

I was recently asked this question and I thought it would be useful information to share.

What strategy do you employ when creating online marketing campaigns?

I would start by asking questions to establish business objectives and develop an overall understanding of the company mission and vision, in order to maintain transparency throughout the campaign.

Who is your targeted customer segment?

  • What do they “look” like?
  • Flesh out a well-defined target and contextual understanding of them i.e.: what resonates and creates value?

Conduct research including competitive analysis to hone in on the desired market, developing tactics and determining appropriate marketing channels to effectively reach them.

Conduct a SWOT analysis.

  •  Where does the organization sit currently?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • What is working well?
  • What are some advantages to capitalize on?

Discuss the company “adjectives” or keywords, which will be used throughout content creation including Google Adwords and social promotions.

Next, put it all into alignment.

  •  Establish Goals, Tactics, KPIs and Target KPIs.

Measure, Test, Analyze, Refine and Implement.

Revisit, gather further data and continue refinements.


online marketing backbone

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Customer Segment

Corn Chowder mixed with Conversion Funnel Analysis:Target your Customer Segment

One of the most important components of this digital marketing game is Customer Segmentation; aptly described by Bain and Company as: “Customer Segmentation is the subdivision of a market into discrete customer groups that share similar characteristics. Customer Segmentation can be a powerful means to identify unmet customer needs. Companies that identify underserved segments can then outperform the competition by developing uniquely appealing products and services.” And this is where the magic happens, the defining moments, much like an athlete when they pull away from the pack.

I cannot stress enough the importance of customer segmentation, based on sound research, generating buyer personas, surveys,and DATA! Define and seek out your niche market, find where they live in the digital space and engage with them. This is how you play and win the digital marketing game.More and more the most successful web-based and retail businesses  are selective with their focus, content and product. The trend is to find a niche market, meet their needs and they will be extremely loyal customers for life.

One example of poor targeting was that of a client. Their website contained every category from recipes to children’s stories and pet products mixed in with a little marketing technology for good measure.  Henceforth, the conversation ensued “You don’t usually see Conversion Funnel Analysis mixed with Corn Chowder Recipes.” They were casting a large net, but targeting no one. While all these categories resonate with them, it really isn’t about you. So, unless your website is strictly for a memory journal and creative outlet, or as a business, meant to be solely company facing, let me reiterate, shocking I know, IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU!

Party for one!

Always keep your audience in mind, their needs, wants and interests or you will find yourself and website alone, with no community of followers or your burgeoning web business unproductive. The more specific and targeted your business mission, website and content are, the better they will serve you in finding your active and loyal audience and/or customer base.


The more connected we all become on the web, the greater opportunity we have to share our thoughts using this platform.  When sharing our “voice,” we must be certain of the persona we want to show the world and tone we want to set with our customers. In order for a business to be successful on the web, they need to show a human side, be transparent and authentic to gain trust and loyal followers. I believe you can be kind and generous, thoughtful and humorous within the confines of a professional, business–oriented framework.

  • A clear, concise message is needed.
  • A targeted customer segment
  • direction, goals and keywords in place before you even start.
  • And of course, test, test and then test some more!

Bear in mind The 5 R’s, unless you are Relevant, Reachable, Reputable, Readable and Remarkable, you will not be successful and your voice may fade before the fat lady sings!

Collaboration as seen across the web through content creation on blogs and social sites, sharing information through the plethora of digital channels has the ability to bring us together globally and one of the great outcomes of the the Evolution of the Internet and The Rise of Digital Marketing.


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