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Website Analysis

At a Glance, Website Analysis

Here is the breakdown of a recent website analysis I gave to a client. I thought I would share it as it may hold valuable tips for your business site.

Keep your website clean, simple and uncomplicated, but interesting and engaging. 

You want your visitors to be able to navigate the website easily. Keep it uncluttered, generally a black font is more preferred than white or colored and easier to read. Do put links in a different colorthat changes when they have been opened. Make sure the font is a large enough size for all ages to gaze on comfortably.

Have a prominently placed call to action such as the ability to request an appointment. What is your end game, the conversion rate to watch? How many visitors landed and created valuable exits through this link?

You may want to embed the free Google Analytics code to track analytics on your site to gain insights into number of visitors, return visitors, landing page origin and conversion rate, then make adjustments accordingly.

I have to emphasize that a picture is worth a thousand words. I would highly suggest that you add tagged images and put your smiling face under contact us. It lends credibility, authenticity and trust. New customers will be able to recognize you.

Additionally, I can’t say enough about the need to connect with visitors and clients on social media sites. It is rare to find a site without connection links to their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

In order to make a LinkedIn business page you need a non-gmail or yahoo email address, but is well worth the added step to gain credibility, networking and branding.

Put a link to reviews on local business promotion platforms like Yelp and City Search.

Other ways to improve your organic search rankings are to create links back to your site. You do this by incorporating social media andposting content, images, video etc. that link back to your site.

I highly encourage affiliate marketing. Perhaps, there are industry newsletters that go out you want to have an ad on or write up a short article or two and post it on a related website to draw traffic? Are there businesses related to yours that will recommend you or put your information on their site? Pet sitter advertising on a veterinarian’s website, something along those lines.

SEO requires keywords or unique phrases 2-3 words to edge out the competition then embed them throughout the site pages and posted content to get that element working for you. Again, more content is always going to help. Keep content 300-500 words, brief, bulleted and bold keywords and concepts for a fast, easy read.

Most people are accessing sites via mobile devices, so make sure your site is responsive and translates well.

People also tend to scan content in less than a minute with an F shape pattern, so put the contact information in a prominent area.

Tactics and Strategy!

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Website Development

Category : Website Development

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Website Design and Development

Category : Website Development

Website Design and Development

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