Not your Father’s RCA-OTT On Demand Video Services Outperform the Boob Tube.

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Not your Father’s RCA-OTT On Demand Video Services Outperform the Boob Tube.

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Not your Father’s RCA-OTT on demand video services outperform the Boob Tube.

The data is flooding in and there are several things that we can tell you about the typical OTT viewer.


OTT viewers are younger and more engaged than previous TV/Cable users. It is often hard to find the elusive Millennial. Where are they you ask? They are utilizing OTT-media streaming sites more often than not. Their use of OTT services far outweighs the traditional cable medium.


-more focused viewers due to customizable format

Allows for higher engagement levels, where OTT viewers complete 98% of video ads

More high/expendable Income

-23 years younger than average TV viewer

-make more money than average TV viewer

-have more expendable cash


OTT viewers-98% video ad completion-FreeWheel


Smartphone users-86%


Higher brand value

Better connection with consumer

Delivery alignment with changing consumption.-Omnicorm Media Group

OTT-On Demand Media is your best bet for return on marketing/advertising investment. That is a bold statement, so I am prepared to back it up.

The Over-The-Top viewing platform allows the advertiser the ability to hone in on their target audience. Now this is where your marketing savvy will be tested. Based on your in-house data you can construct lists that expertly target Your consumer segments. Those lists and filters can be applied to advertising in the OTT realm and if a younger, more engaged consumer is what you want, that is what you will find in the OTT world.

Equifax Optimization

Now that we have your wheels spinning. How can I be sure my customer data is accurate, up-to-date and tells the whole story? Well, that is where Equifax data services come in handy.

Getting the most bang for your buck means being optimized. Equifax has a suite of services and options to make your advertising dollar go further, stronger, better.


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