Right on Target-OTT Rich with Results

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Right on Target-OTT Rich with Results

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Right on Target-OTT-Rich with Results.

Advertisers want results. While consumer’s want what they want, and to feel good about the decisions they made with their purchases.

OTT-Over the Top, encompasses on demand television viewing sans the cable box, that is. Due to the nature of this platform more and more users in particular, millennials are flocking to this medium. It offers choice, flexibility, and well, instant gratification. Millennials are a desired group of viewers because they are both allusive and tend to have more expendable income.

As this platform grows in popularity however, it is no longer just the young at heart that seek out the services providers such as: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, and Roku and on demand premium movie channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, Disney provide. The fact that these are membership driven subscriberships, Equifax is able to collect infinite amounts of data, which is extremely useful for targeting subscriber likes, dislikes and profiling viewer behavior.

“With an ample supply of data on consumer viewing habits flowing from CTV platforms, marketers can design creative campaigns around individual preferences and have a one-on-one conversation with potential customers.”


This data can inform advertiser selection and indeed increase advertiser results including engagement, and advertisement view-thru completion rates. At times, correctly attributing a marketing channel or advertisement with credit for leading a consumer to a purchase can be very difficult to determine. With OTT viewership data, we can much more easily track the buyer journey.

This leads me to accuracy in targeting. OTT’s capabilities give us the ability to get up close and personal with individual viewers. Beth Ann Eason with Innovid aptly describes this in her blog article

TV Advertising Makes a Resurgence Through OTT


“With OTT, marketers can target individuals directly, and serve up content that is fully informed by a treasure trove of data that goes far behind viewing habits and basic demographics.”

Data that assists in understanding your customer’s needs and wants is invaluable in today’s consumer world. We want quantifiable results for the millions of dollars we spend in advertising each year. OTT gives us the ability to target with exacting precision, accurately track attribution, and increase our ROI.

Compared to advertising 20 years ago, we are “rolling in the deep” with rich data. Over the Top is coming up aces with unparalleled results. What will the next 20 years bring?



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