4 Be’s of Content Creation: Less Ego More Love

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4 Be’s of Content Creation: Less Ego More Love

Content Creation: Less Ego More Love

What is the coming wave of content creation?

Identifying, creating and sharing your company or brand through culture. I think these lessons can be applied to life as well as business content.

This is done first off by checking your ego at the door. Know who you are and echo your values, goals and personality through the tone of the content.

Michael Brenner, the Head of Strategy for the leading content marketing platform, NewsCred sums this up well in  his post How To Build A Culture of Content

“The simple fact is that the best way to sell more stuff is to help your target audience better than anyone else. And the worst way to try and reach your target audience in today’s digital, consumer-led world is to try and sell yourself directly. Ads are what we try to avoid.”

Through my experience and research, I have come up with the following simple components of Culture Content:

  • Be aware
    • Listen to your customers.
    • Know who and where they are.
  • Be relevant
    • Stay on point. (I, all too often diverge.)
    • Topic of interest to your customer segment.
  • Be helpful
    • Answer all customer questions and comments.
    • Share your knowledge and expertise.
  • Most of all Be yourself
    • Transparency-Make the invisible visible. (Take a peek under the kimono, so to speak!)
    • Authenticity- Facilitate genuine and relevant engagement.

Marcella Chamorro (2012) writes in To Be or Like to Be-The Need for Authentic Online Marketing in the Age of the Ultra-Informed Consumer.

“Consumers who feel engaged and hold positive association with an organization’s authenticity are more appreciative of the brand’s interactions, and much more willing to recommend it to others.”

Ultimately, this is what we are striving for through our social media campaigns, customer loyalty and evangelists to spread the digital word-of-mouth.

As these components of communication can easily be applied to our personal lives, perhaps it holds true that we should treat our customers like friends or at the very least welcomed guests in our home.

In closing, one last brilliant quote from Michael Brenner

“It takes executives who embody this spirit – living and breathing the notion that your brand is more than what you sell.”

Here at Solter Consulting you will find that we do what we say and say what we do and mean it!

Let us know how we can help your business grow.


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