Sales and Marketing Consulting Services

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Sales and Marketing Consulting

Sales and Marketing Consulting Services

Solter Consulting has been delivering results for several years now. We are a nonprofit organization providing Business Development and Marketing support for social good. Our focus is schools, other NPOs and extracurricular organizations such as The Boy Scouts of America. Our goal is to provide both a superior marketing and business development acumen to support and grow these organization and spread the good will.

Whether you need Business Development and Sales Strategy or Digital Marketing Service and/or Website Design and Development, we provide you with in-house service as a contract employee, or work remotely as a consultant to build your business strategy. One, or the other, or both, we will get you what you need. Full-Service or`A la Carte, Solter Consulting gets the job done!

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Digital Marketing

Marketing Services

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Multichannel Marketing

  • Traditional
    • Print 
    • Networking
    • Conventions/Trade shows
  • Public Relations

Digital Marketing

  • Strategy and Tactics
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Conversion Funnels Analysis
    • KPIs

Search Engine Marketing

  • SEO-Organic and PPC, *****Google Adwords Certified*****Bing Ads Accredited Professional*****
  • Inbound Marketing,******Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified******
  • Affiliate Outreach, Link Building strategies.

Content Strategy through Distribution

  • Content Creation
    • Curration,
    • Infographics
    • Video-Vlog
    • Email marketing, newsletters
    • Blog posts
  • Social Media
    • Community Engagement


  • Analytics, *****Google Analytics IQ Certified******
  • A/B, Multi-Variate Testing

We love this stuff, so you don’t have to!

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