Online Marketing Strategy Backbone

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Online Marketing Strategy Backbone

I was recently asked this question and I thought it would be useful information to share.

What strategy do you employ when creating online marketing campaigns?

I would start by asking questions to establish business objectives and develop an overall understanding of the company mission and vision, in order to maintain transparency throughout the campaign.

Who is your targeted customer segment?

  • What do they “look” like?
  • Flesh out a well-defined target and contextual understanding of them i.e.: what resonates and creates value?

Conduct research including competitive analysis to hone in on the desired market, developing tactics and determining appropriate marketing channels to effectively reach them.

Conduct a SWOT analysis.

  •  Where does the organization sit currently?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • What is working well?
  • What are some advantages to capitalize on?

Discuss the company “adjectives” or keywords, which will be used throughout content creation including Google Adwords and social promotions.

Next, put it all into alignment.

  •  Establish Goals, Tactics, KPIs and Target KPIs.

Measure, Test, Analyze, Refine and Implement.

Revisit, gather further data and continue refinements.


online marketing backbone

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